At Trugos, we create unique products, aim to deliver smiles to our customers. 


  • We believe that an existing product can be modified and enhanced to create something that’s uniquely our own.  Could this be a risky business model? Yes – but we are courageous and we’re not here to fit the mold!

  • We love the planet and this is just our little part to help.  Our products are reusable and we hope that you choose these items (from us or even from our competitors) over single-use disposable products. 



We are here to bring bright, fun, and colorful vibes. 


We put the thoughts into designing our brand, our products, and our packaging designs to make sure that when you give your loved ones our products, they bring smiles to their faces.  We understand that your loved ones might be far away, but messages of love should always be delivered with care. 


More importantly, to our customers, we want you to be happy with your purchase.  We are here to help with any question (or if you’d like to keep in touch or provide feedback), please e-mail us. 

We’re not a big conglomerate.  We’re a 100% family owned business so we thank you for your support!